Friday, January 23, 2009

Uno Chicago Grill is awesome!

I stopped for dinner at an Uno Chicago Grill last night after a basketball game (for those interested, Seton Hall lost in overtime.) I had recently visited Uno's website ( after having read on some other blogs that they are rapidly rolling out Gluten Free Pizza nation wide. (see article here.)

Unfortunately, they aren't rolling out Dairy Free Pizza nationwide so I had to skip it! They do however, have a touch screen computer kiosk in their lobby that links to their online nutrition information. This online resource not only lists the eight major allergens (the same ones required on groceries) but each entry also contains a link to a full listing of every ingredient in a menu item. That's right, no need to rely on asking what is in a certain sauce or side dish, you can easily look it up!

Before arriving at the restaurant I already knew that their Brown Rice w/ Craisins and Mango was GF and DF. I ordered a bunless burger with red onions and guacamole after using the kiosk to find that their guacamole is dairy free as well. Most restaurants put butter in their rice and have no idea what is in their guacamole so it was nice to order just a tad bit easier.

Yes it would have been nice to have had French Fries, but the rice was a really good substitution. I think this is my new favorite chain restaurant!

Has anyone else had a positive experience with Uno's?


minivan driving soccermom said...

No we haven't been there, I had no idea they were GF, how exciting!!! We may actually get to go out to eat again???

GF/DF Adventurer - said...

So far two pizza's (cheese and pepperoni), seven entrees, five sides and a couple of salads and burgers are on the menu. I'm obviously hoping for a couple more dairy free options but this is a great start!

Oh, and there is a Pizza Fusion "coming soon" to the western suburbs of Chicago - Naperville, IL. Not sure how close that is for you but it will be another option. Check out this post (Traveling with a food allergy) and hopefully you'll be able to find some other restaurants in your area as well.

Jason said...

Just ate at an Uno's last week, although this review is from earlier this year: Gluten Free at Uno Chicago Grill.

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