Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nomato products - tomato free pasta sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce and ketchup

Nomato Gluten-Free Pasta and Pizza Sauce (No Tomatoes)Since I've essentially been away for two and a half weeks now, the contents of my refrigerator are getting kind of scarce. On the upside, searching through it last night for a jar of roasted red peppers led me to discover that I still had an open jar of Nomato sauce that I had picked up in upstate New York earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the roasted red peppers had seen better days and were discarded but I did boil up some pasta instead. For those that don't know, I really can't eat too many tomatoes. Ketchup for some reason doesn't bother me in the least but as far as pasta sauce goes, more than a couple tablespoons or so and I'll be sick.

Nomato is a small company in PA that produces four tomato free products: Pasta sauce, ketchup, barbecue sauce and salsa. They sell online at or at a small list of regional stores:

I've only ever tried the pasta sauce and it wasn't bad. They seem to use a blend of carrots and beets and the sauce itself is the right color. The pasta does get a slight purplish tinge to it however. It wasn't as good as Mom's tomato sauce and to be honest since I can tolerate small amounts of her sauce, I won't be switching to Nomato's product. I did however, want to share the existence of this company with anyone else who may be avoiding Tomatoes completely. Since their distribution is so small, I doubt I'll be trying their other products, although if you do, please note it in the comments below.

And as a side note, their product line is dairy and gluten free as well.

Update (3/6/08) - this is now also available online from the Gluten-Free Mall here.


Stacey said...

Interesting. I like their name, Nomato.

Jason said...

I've written my own Tomato Free Pasta Sauce Recipe that I think is even better than Nomato!

Jason said...

. . . and I use it to make Tomato Free Chili and Tomato Free Salsa!

Jason said...

. . . and also Tomato Free Jambalaya!

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