Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why this blog?

So why did I decide to write this blog? Well as you probably already know, adjusting to cooking without gluten (and to a smaller part without dairy) can be quite trying. The ingredients are more expensive, the recipes are more complex, and the results – well the results can be down right disastrous! Mostly, I decided to write this to give myself an outlet when something goes horribly awry
in the kitchen. My first instinct was to call this blog Disasters in GF/DF Cooking but I think Adventures has a slightly more positive spin to it. Sometimes laughing at yourself is better than crying. Whether it is a cake that didn’t rise (frosted brownies anyone?) a crunchy lasagna (more on this gem later) or GF wraps that crumbled apart - I’ll cover it all.

Hopefully those of you working with the same issues will finds some tips and tricks as well as see that your breads aren’t the only ones flopping. As they say – misery loves company! Since none of my non-Celiac friends deal with these issues it is nice to reach out to others that do.

Of course, I may actually have a success at some point and when (alright – if) I do I will be sure to share what went right as well!


Marilyn & Pepper said...

I think this is great! Now I may not have to ask you what you can and cannot eat! I may try the lasagna next time you come over for dinner ... but not this weekend sweetie ... I'm just too over run and still trying to out from 'under' so steak it is!

GF/DF Adventurer - said...

Ah, I'll be sure to serve something gluten free when the two of you come for dinner next (and then post the recipe of course)!

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